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What is After Fred?


After Fred  is a short film (20 mins) which is the story of a miraculous escape and how it’s never too late to change.   Charlotta’s violent marriage was brought to an abrupt end after 40 years when a shop assistant witnessed her being attacked and called it out.  Two years on she is free and, aged 82, is blossoming as a warrior advocate, supporting women decades younger than her to face the court system after making their own escapes from domestic violence.

After Fred just won BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT at the Socially Relevant Film Festival 2023
and also at  
Reykjavik Feminist Film Festival.


Parallel Lines


Rachel Meyrick has been an editor for 20 years.  Some of the films she has edited of late are:  

THE ORGANIC TERRORIST - directed by Megumi Inman.

SWEEPSTAKES HERO - directed by Clair Titley for MRC.

A DEAL WITH THE UNIVERSE - directed by Jason Barker for BFI.

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